yuppie coyote
Put whatever you'd like, or nothing at all
this site and by extension, comic, exists to fulfill an artistic daydream i’ve had since i was an overly creative but underly efficient little lad daydreaming about a world of bizarre tech, magic and animal people: to make a weird comic with all sorts of creatures just to be able to say hey, guess what, i did it, that desire to create cartoon world building nonsense isn’t festering under my skin now. so, in some ways, this comic is very selfish and exists to check a box in my personal journey of what i want to create so i can move on in life. for that reason, it might be offensive or unrefined or confusing and disjointed, and i request that it not get reposted anywhere.
for the time being this site is going to come off as a lot of word salad and accidental inaccesibility because i am almost certainly working on it while in the throes of adhd at 2 am

thank you, come back later...